Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HOLY COW! I forgot to mention...

I've been so blasted busy these past few weeks that I completely forgot to mention (on this blog, at least) that I have a new short story released from Untreed Reads entitled Rumspringa.

Here is the blurb, in case you are interested:

Excessive drinking. Chain-smoking. Methamphetamine addiction.

Such is the life of Wilma Burrows, a woman whose lifetime has been marred by an inexplicable string of bad decisions. Scarred and shattered, she tries to manage each day as it comes, desperate to keep herself from plunging into the abyss, but the demons are always a few short steps behind her.

Sixteen years ago, one of her many indiscretions resulted in the birth of pure and untainted innocence. But that shining glimmer of decency was whisked away, only to fade away as a distant memory.

But some days, even the most faded memories have a way of reemerging in unexpected ways.

And for Wilma, that day is today.

You can also find it at Amazon, B&N and all your other favorite eBook retailers!

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